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Accident Lawyer in San Diego Discusses Fatal Hit and Run Accident Involving Pedestrian

A pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle that swerved out of control during a hit and run accident in Paradise Hills Thursday, January 19, 2017. According to police, the 49-year-old victim, whose name has yet to be released, was grabbing an umbrella from his parked car when he was struck by the silver four-door Lexus ES 330.

Police said the hit-and-run driver was heading east on Albemarle Street and crossed the double-yellow lines near Seabreeze Drive at about 7:15 AM, when the car sideswiped the parked vehicle and hit the victim, who was thrown into the road.

Neighbors and other good Samaritans who heard the collision rushed out to aid the injured pedestrian and performed CPR, but he later died.

The driver kept heading east after the collision, and according to police, a vehicle matching the description has been found with damage to the front, left and driver’s side. Police did not say how the vehicle was located or whether the suspect had been identified or taken into custody.

Have you or a loved one been injured as a Pedestrian?

Injury accidents involving pedestrians happen more frequently than you would think and are incredibly serious. People that are hit by a car while crossing the street, hit by a vehicle while walking on the sidewalk, or while in any other pedestrian situation, are often the victims of life threatening injuries. These accidents result from driver’s mistakes and pedestrian’s mistakes and often occur as the result of negligence or recklessness.

Pedestrians share the roadway with all types of motor vehicles and are in an incredibly vulnerable situation because of their lack of protection relative to the automobiles, motorcycles and large trucks they must engage with. Injuries sustained are often life threatening and can result in large medical bills and ongoing physical and emotional pain. Injured victims have a right to be compensated for the injuries they sustained and responsible parties should be held accountable. The San Diego injury attorneys at the Weinberger Law Firm have deep experience with pedestrian injury accidents and have an accident lawyer in San Diego that will fight for you and your loved ones. We have the right accident lawyer in San Diego for you! Please call for a free consultation if you have been injured while crossing the street or while acting as a pedestrian.

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Texting and driving has caused some of the most devastating fatalities throughout California and the nation. When we see a news report indicating that distracted driving caused an accident, our heart aches for the victim. Unfortunately, these reports are more common than they should be.

One incident in which a driver was texting and driving caused the death of a 10 year old girl in San Diego earlier this year. According to Deputy District Attorney Melissa Vasel, Julianne Little, 31, was driving along Santo Road when she hit 12-yr old Mekayla and 10-yr old Raquel on February 20th.

Defense Attorney Anna Yum claims Little was tired and dozed off at the wheel, causing her to swerve through the bike lane and onto the sidewalk where the two girls were walking on their way to McDonalds. Moments before the accident Little was talking on the phone with her mother and texting a friend.

Navy Captain Brian Shipman said he was driving north on the road when he saw bouncing headlights in his rear-view mirror and a car re-entering the roadway from the sidewalk. Because Little didn’t stop after hitting them, Shipman was able to get her license plate number after she pulled up next to him at a stoplight.

After Little had hit the girls, she kept driving for 1.7 miles to her home where she told her father she was in an accident. Her and her father returned to the scene of the crime 30 minutes after but it was too late for Raquel LeeAnn Rosete who was thrown 60 feet from the car, causing a cardiac arrest and a traumatic brain injury. She was declared brain-dead and placed on life support for 2 days before passing. Mekayla suffered a concussions and a broken ankle.

Such accidents are heartbreaking to hear, but even more devastating to be a part of it. If you or someone you love has been injured from an accident involving a negligent driver, contact an attorney immediately for help.

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San Diego Auto Accident Lawyer Talks About The Accident That Killed Four People And Nine Are Injured When Pickup Truck Flew Off The Bridge In San Diego, CA

San Diego Auto Accident LawyerOn October 15, 2016, at approximately 3:30 p.m. the driver of the GMC pick-up truck was traveling on San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge when he lost control and flew off the highway interchange. The almost 3 ton vehicle plummeted 60 feet down to the Chicano Park below. (News Source:

At that time the Vatos Y Viclas, a motorcycle magazine, was holding an event in the Chicano Park below called the La Raza Run. The event, which typically draws hundreds of participants, was in full swing when the driver of the GMC pick-up truck lost control and plunged down onto the unsuspecting crowed.

San Diego Auto Accident LawyerOne of the attendees of the event, Chase Dameron told the San Diego Union-Tribune “I saw a truck come right off the freeway. It was going so fast it flew over the stage and landed in front of the stage on a tent, a booth that was set up.” There were four people in that booth, two men and two women, when the vehicle came crashing down. The videos which are circulating in the local news and social media show the immediate aftermath of the accident, panic and chaos. Bystanders attempted to lift the mangled car off the injured, but despite the best efforts of the good Samaritans and the emergency personal that arrived on the scene, the four people that were in that booth have died.

In addition to this terrible loss of life, nine others were taken to local hospitals with serious injuries, ranging from bone fractures to severe lacerations.

The driver of the GMC pick-up truck, a 24-year-old Richard Anthony Sepolio, also sustained serious injuries and was transported to UCSD Medical Center. When his blood was collected by the hospital staff it has determined that Mr. Sepolio was been driving under the influence when the collision occurred. Mr. Sepolio has been arraigned on a number of charges and is now facing a 24 year prison sentence, if convicted.

San Diego Auto Accident LawyerIn the recent days, the family and friends of those that passed as a result of this tragic incident have been holding vigils at the accident site. pages have also been set up to help with the funeral expenses.

At this time, when the families of those that have died are left to plead with the public to donate to help with burial expenses, and when those that are catastrophically injured continue to accumulate medical expenses – it is critical to preserve their legal rights against all responsible parties.

Obtaining legal representation, this early in the process, will give you a piece of mind knowing that someone is working diligently to make sure that all those that are responsible will be held financially accountable.

A San Diego auto accident lawyer will help you:

  • Obtain Records. Your San Diego auto accident lawyer will work with the authorities to obtain all necessary documentation required in making an insurance claim. This will include: Traffic Collision Report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) reports, and medical records, just to name a few.
  • Obtain Third Party Insurance Information and Make a Claim. Determine whether the driver of the GMC pick-up truck carried valid liability insurance at the time of the collision. Your lawyer will investigate and determine if there are any other additional policies of insurance that might be available to you. Your lawyer will also work with First Party insurance, your insurance, to help with paying your medical bills and property damage, if any.
  • Work With Medical Providers. Your lawyer will contact all medical providers, starting with first responders (San Diego Fire Department, Ambulance) to hospitals regarding any outstanding bills for any treatment you might have received. Even if you are medically insured, medical insurance companies hold subrogation rights which entitle them to recover any payments made for your treatment. You lawyer will work with your medical insurance company (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Kaiser, or even MediCal) to negotiate down your medical bills. You attorney will establish liens with medical providers if necessary and make sure your medical bills are not sent to collection and effect your credit history.
  • Determine potential liability of the City of San Diego and County of San Diego. All the things listed about are important, but this might be one of the most important things your attorney will do for you. However your attorney will have very limited time to establish a claim against the County of San Diego or the City of San Diego. The statute of limitation, or the time within you must file a claim, is only six months from the date of injury. Which is why – you must act now!

There are not enough things that can be said about the importance of getting an attorney as soon as you can after the collision. In this case, it is even more critical that you retain the services of an experienced, diligent, and competent lawyer.

If you or your loved one has been injured in this accident, or if your loved one has died as a result of this tragic collision contact our office TODAY for a free consultation. Remember, there is not fee until we win your case!

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