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28 Oct 2016

Expect Showers And Possible Thunderstorms This Halloween Weekend

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Wet Roads Increase Chances of Auto Accident in San Diego, California

Every year, during Halloween weekend, witches, goblins, ghosts and the like come out to play. It’s a fun filled weekend for both children and adults and, like all other holidays, we want everyone to stay safe, especially this stormy filled weekend. Light rain is expected to trickle into San Diego Friday afternoon but should be fairly dry and warm most of the day Saturday. Sunday however is expected to be stormy so it’s best to avoid driving as much as possible. (Source:
Auto Accident in San Diego

Dangers of Driving in Wet Conditions

Driving on wet roads and pavements increases your chances of being in an accident and suffering injuries. In fact, According to the Federal Highway Administration, nearly one fourth of all vehicle crashes nationwide are weather related. Of those, nearly three quarters (74%) occur on wet pavement and almost half (46%) occur during rainfall. Since San Diego is expecting showers with possible thunderstorms this festive Halloween weekend, we highly encourage you to take every precaution to avoid hydroplaning.

What is Hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning is referred to to the skidding or sliding of a car’s tires across a wet surface and it’s most dangerous in the first 10 minutes of rainfall. It happens when the tires of your vehicle begin to ride on top of the standing water instead of the surface of the road. It’s a frightening experience. Not only does the driver lose the ability to control the car, but it also causes a feeling of helplessness. Here’s what you can do to avoid it:

  • Avoid cruise control – cruise control works great in dry conditions but in wet conditions, the chances of you losing control of the vehicle increases.
  • Slow down – even with as little as 1/12 inch of water on the road, tires have to displace a gallon of water per second to keep the rubber meeting the road. Even driving as slow as 35 mph, new tires can still lose traction with the road.
  • Leave a bigger following distance – the three second rule is important to follow in dry conditions, but in wet conditions, you should leave more room ahead of you.
  • Avoid hard braking and turning sharply
  • Drive in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you
  • Avoid driving in outer lanes where water tends to accumulate
  • Pay extra attention to the road – it’s important you concentrate fully on every aspect of driving, but especially in wet-weather conditions.

If you feel you are about to ski, it’s important to stay calm, continue steering in the direction you want to go and DO NOT slam on the brakes. If weather conditions are severe and you are too scared, pull over and call for help or wait for rainfall to slow down. There is no justification for putting your life at risk in severe weather conditions.

What to do if you’re in an accident in bad weather

Even the best drivers who take every precaution to avoid accidents can get in collisions. Remember, liability for a car accident is based on negligence, and the weather is another factor used in determining whether a driver was negligent. When an insurance adjuster evaluates a car accident claim that arose in bad weather, the adjuster determines if the drivers were driving reasonably for those weather conditions. Each case is different so it’s best to contact an attorney for help.

Weather conditions can greatly affect every aspect of driving. Stay safe this spooky Halloween weekend by taking every precaution mentioned above.

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