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Texting & driving can cause fatal accidents on the roads of San Diego, CA
18 Nov 2016

Texting and driving has caused some of the most devastating fatalities throughout California and the nation. When we see a news report indicating that distracted driving caused an accident, our heart aches for the victim. Unfortunately, these reports are more common than they should be.

One incident in which a driver was texting and driving caused the death of a 10 year old girl in San Diego earlier this year. According to Deputy District Attorney Melissa Vasel, Julianne Little, 31, was driving along Santo Road when she hit 12-yr old Mekayla and 10-yr old Raquel on February 20th.

Defense Attorney Anna Yum claims Little was tired and dozed off at the wheel, causing her to swerve through the bike lane and onto the sidewalk where the two girls were walking on their way to McDonalds. Moments before the accident Little was talking on the phone with her mother and texting a friend.

Navy Captain Brian Shipman said he was driving north on the road when he saw bouncing headlights in his rear-view mirror and a car re-entering the roadway from the sidewalk. Because Little didn’t stop after hitting them, Shipman was able to get her license plate number after she pulled up next to him at a stoplight.

After Little had hit the girls, she kept driving for 1.7 miles to her home where she told her father she was in an accident. Her and her father returned to the scene of the crime 30 minutes after but it was too late for Raquel LeeAnn Rosete who was thrown 60 feet from the car, causing a cardiac arrest and a traumatic brain injury. She was declared brain-dead and placed on life support for 2 days before passing. Mekayla suffered a concussions and a broken ankle.

Such accidents are heartbreaking to hear, but even more devastating to be a part of it. If you or someone you love has been injured from an accident involving a negligent driver, contact an attorney immediately for help.

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